Essentials Detailing Kit


Transform the exterior and interior of your vehicle – deep clean and decontaminate all surfaces to a smooth showroom condition. Remove the camouflage of scratches and swirl marks which are preventing you from achieving a crystal-clear finish. Enhance the depth and shine with a high gloss protective wax to lock in the finish. Clean and perfume the interior to restore that showroom smell and feel.


☑️  Contains 25 Detailing items
☑️  Deep Clean Your Vehicle
☑️  Clean Interior Surfaces
☑️  Deep Cleans Wheels
☑️  Leaves A Protective Finish

KIT: Essentials Detailing Kit

1 X Opti-Bright Wheel Cleaner (250ml)
1 X Wheel Shield Sealant (250ml)
1 X Diamond Fusion Polish (250ml)
1 X Crystal Fusion Polish (250ml)
1 X Extreme Extra Gloss Tyre Gel (250ml)
1 X Carnauba Luminous Gloss Wax (250ml)
1 X Showroom Cologne (250ml)
1 X 2IN1 Glass Clarity (250ml)
1 X Interior Cockpit Detailer (250ml)
1 X 1001 Ultra Cleaner (1000ml)
1 X Pure Wash Shampoo (1000ml)
1 X Ceramic Detailer (1000ml)
1 X 100g Paint Cleanser Clay Bar
1 X Flawless Edgeless Microfibre Towel 60x40cm
3 X Flawless Microfibre Cloths 30x40cm 365GSM
1 X Wash Mitt
7 x Foam Applicator Pads

Weight 8000 g





Essentials Detailing Kit


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Clean the exterior surfaces with Pure Wash Shampoo – use the plush wash mitt to ensure a swirl free washing experience. Once clean, spray the Ceramic Detailer and glide the clay over the wet surface to remove stubborn contamination – do one panel at a time. Once finished, use 1001 Ultra Cleaner to clean away stubborn grease and oil from areas such as engine bay, door shuts etc.


Deep clean your wheels to restore the original factory finish. Spray Opti-Bright Wheel Cleaner to remove stubborn brake dust and contamination, releasing the dirt from the surface. Use any remaining clay from stage one to remove any really stubborn brake dust. Once clean and dry apply Wheel Shield Sealant to lock in the finish. Finish with applying the tyre gel.


Start restoring the paintwork with Diamond Fusion, this focuses on removing heavy paintwork marks and defects. Follow up with Crystal Fusion to enhance the finish further and remove any light scratches. Finish by applying Carnauba Luminous Gloss to reach the full potential of your vehicles paintwork – while producing a protective coating to filter out damaging UV radiation,


Rejuvenate the interior of your vehicle with Interior Cockpit Detailer. It maintains and protects exterior vinyl trims, rubber, leather, wood and wood veneer surfaces gently removing any dirt and grime. Effortlessly clean the glass inside and out of the vehicle with 2IN1 Glass Clarity, creating a crystal clear, smear free finish. Finish by perfuming the interior scent with Showroom Cologne.