Cyclone Ceramic Foam – 1000ml


Cyclone Ceramic Foam combines the latest Si02 ceramic technology with specialist biodegradable cleaning agents – offering exceptional foaming qualities when applied by a snow foam lance. Cyclone Ceramic Foam safely releases dirt, it creates a layer of foam on the bodywork which enables the advanced cleaning agents to stay in contact with the surface for longer than regular washing. This creates a higher cleaning rate from the advanced active agents which breakdown contamination on the paintwork, loosening dirt and grime. Rinsing away the layer of foam leaves a slick finish from the infused Si02 ceramic formulation, enhancing the gloss and depth of the paintwork – keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer.


☑️  1000ml
☑️  High Foaming Formulation
☑️  50:1 Dilution Ratio
☑️  Safely Loosens Dirt & Grime
☑️  Biodegradable Formulation

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1 x Cyclone Ceramic Foam (1000ml)

Weight 1050 g





Cyclone Ceramic Foam


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1. Firstly, pour water into the snow foam lance and then top up the bottle with cyclone ceramic foam, ensuring the desired dilution ratio is calculated. Then adjust the settings on the lance to suit your personal preference. For manual application dilute 50:1 with water in a trigger bottle or foam sprayer and apply directly onto the paintwork and leave the formulation to soak on the surface for 10-20 minutes.

2.Then clean down the surface covered in foam with a wash mitt (rinse regularly in a bucket of water) and finally rinse down the vehicle with water. Apply to an untreaded vehicle to enhance the colour and clarity of finish and gloss. Apply to a ceramic coated vehicle to revitalise the finish while removing the dirt, grime and contaminants at the same time – with a quick maintenance wash!