1 x Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer (1000ml)
1 x Fine Grade Clay Bar (100 Grams)

Detailing clay is one crucial paintwork treatment which is often overlooked. However, every car will benefit hugely from the treatment of a clay bar, especially if you desire to have a jaw-dropping finish.

Using a clay bar is one of the key ways to remove invisible industrial pollution and contaminants from the paintwork, if the contaminants are left untreated embedded in the paintwork for too long it will cause the formation of rust. After use, the paintwork will be as smooth as glass, no longer will there be a rough and coarse feeling which once prevented the perfect finish. At the very least vehicles should be clayed ever 6 months.


☑️  1000ml + 100g Fine Grade Clay
☑️  Safely Deep Cleans Contamination
☑️  Transforms To As Smooth As Glass
☑️  Removes Brake Dust, Tree Sap & Overspray
☑️  Leaves A Crystal Clear Finish



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Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer keeps your vehicle looking clean every day between washes. Cleans and rejuvenates paintwork, glass, mirrors and trim. removes light traffic film, bird lime and fingerprints. Leaves an ultra-slick nano polymer wax layer designed to enhance the gloss and depth. Also, adds a quick additional layer of protection to paintwork.


The nano-polymer formulation of Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer reduces surface tension, creating a highly lubricated layer which enhances the performance of detailing clay when used as a lubricant. This causes for the clay to glide effortlessly across the paintwork.


All vehicles should be clayed at least every 6 months, over time stubborn contaminations bond to the paintwork which can not be removed through normal washing techniques. Claying every 6 months prevents against a large build-up of contamination which will damage the paintwork over time. Our fine grade detailing clay will be the best choice for the majority of users when used on regular good condition paintwork.


Deep clean your paintwork with our clay bar kit – not only will your paintwork be transformed to as smooth as glass. It will enhance the shine and finish of your paintwork.


After the Pure Definition, Fine Grade Paint Cleanser Clay bar has removed all of the dirt and contamination it transforms the rough paintwork surface into a surface which is a smooth as glass. You can really feel the difference after you have clayed the surface with our Paint Cleanser Clay bar. Removing paintwork contamination is vital to achieving the best possible finish on your paintwork, contamination is not always visible to the naked eye, but it will affect the finish/shine to the paintwork.


As well as been excellent at removing contamination from paintwork, the Paint Cleanser Clay Bar can be used on many other surfaces, such as Glass, Paintwork, Metal and Trim. Using Paint Cleanser Clay Bar on your headlights will remove the stubborn bug and dirt marks, which often can be difficult to remove, leaving your headlight lenses crystal clear.



Contamination is not always visible to the naked eye, but it will affect the clarity of the glass. The Paint Cleanser Clay Bar effortlessly removes the most stubborn contaminants from the surface, such as brake dust, tree saps, bugs and overspray – leaving a crystal clear finish.


Our fine grade detailing clay will be the best choice for the majority of users, when used on regular condition paintwork it will remove the all of the contamination.

1. Tear off a section of clay and mould flat to around 5cm x 5cm.
2. Mould and warm the clay in your hands until it is soft.
3. Spray a good amount of quick detailer onto your bodywork and clay bar, always try to work within an area of about 20cm x 20cm at a time.
4. Always keep the area really well lubricated.
5. Once the clay is dirty, throw away and tear off a new section of clay and continue with the rest of the paintwork.
6. Rinse the paintwork with water once you have finished and then dry.
7. Move onto your polishing (if required) and waxing stage to further enhance and treat the paintwork.

Weight 1200 g



100 grams, 1000ml

11 reviews for FINE GRADE CLAY BAR KIT – 1000ML

  1. Lee Tyler

    A great item, transformed the finish of the paintwork on my car. I would recommend, thanks.


    Great product and really removes stubborn particles with ease. I had a build up of town grime on the car and this, used with the quick detailer, made removal easy and the paintwork was smooth after, allowing easy application of wax.

  3. Bernard Gibbens

    The price of this Pure Definition clay bar kit is great value for money. I haven’t seen any at a better price than this before. A lot cheaper than other brands such as Autoglym and Meguiars. Very good quality as well, I would buy again. Thanks for the quick delivery.

  4. Nigel Tomkins

    A great bit of kit, would definitely recommend. The quick detailer improves the claying, keeping the paintwork of the car well lubricated for the clay to glide over the surface. I will be trying some of Pure Definitions other products in the future.

  5. John Stratton

    Absolutely brilliant, I’ve never used this sort of product before. But, after seeing it on the telly I thought I’d give it a go.
    It arrived early and I was going to wait to do the wife’s car first after she came home from work but I could resist. I did mine and all I can say is Wow. Both cars have now been done and the neighbour is asking what it is and where I got it.

  6. Nigel Williams

    Brilliant product, and excellent value for money. I washed the car and was amazed to see the amount of dirt that was lifted from the paint using the clay bar. Things like small spots and dead and dried on flies, small pieces of tar and other grime not lifted by washing alone! Then applied the quick and slick gloss detailer, well happy

    This was a great purchase, and clearly is for someone that wants to take their car cleaning to a whole new level of clean!

  7. Ben

    Ordered this product after seeing it on TV. Its very easy to use and the finish is like glass without the need for waxing, buffing and hours of your day. I done my one series in around an hour to a high standard. The finish is second to none. I highly recommend the product for the price.

  8. Matthew

    After ordering the original clay bar set and being told I would not receive it till the 15th was surprised when I received my order early with a note explaining they upgraded me to the limited edition bottle and after given it a go I was absolutely amazed with the way this product performed on my car left it looking in showroom condition and for half the price will definitely be looking into buy the full detail kit to see how that peformes as well

  9. Rob

    Just used this product for the first time on my 6year old ford focus with amazing results the shine and feel of the paintwork is absolutely fantastic would highly recommend.

  10. Suzie.J

    Got this delivered sooner than expected and tried it out the same day and WOW! I had a blue scuff mark on the drivers door which was made from another car door months ago and after using this product the mark is gone. It also made my car feel so smooth and look so clean. So pleased with this and would highly recommend it.

  11. Paul McGrath

    I’ve just used the shampoo, clay bar kit, polish and carnuba wax and I am super-impressed. The finish is like glass. I highly recommend.

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